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Meet Your Cast Rep!
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Ray Villegas
Tempe, Arizona USA




Welcome to the Cast C '79 site! I hope you enjoy the memories of Cast C. I look forward to helping you find people you are trying to connect with and meeting you again at Cast Reunions. Speaking of which, our 25th year reunion will take place in....TUCSON, AZ! The dates are July 15-18th.  The theme is "Tucson Reunion 2004-Coming Home" To sign up for the reunion please go to the Program Alumni section of this site and click on the Alumni icon. 

I would also like to acknowledge those cast members that have taken the time to help develop cast lists and names over the years. Their hard work as Cast Reps have helped me to contact you about our 25th Reunion.                   

Mark Howard 1992-1999

Bob Ham 1992-1999

Greg Aigner 1999-2003.

If there are any Cast Reps names I have missed, please let me know so that Cast C '79 members and friends may acknowledge you.

Take care and God bless you all. 

Ray Villegas