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Extra photos from photo album.


Bob Ham and Mrs. Donna Hobbs Towery.


Steve Snider and
Mrs.Louise Malkowich Lamont 


Mrs. Kim Hall Daniels.


Mrs. Myriam Keyser Johnson & UWP Senior Management!


Greg LaForge and Greg Castanza.


Mrs.Ilana Zadjman Miller
 and Mrs.Beverly Greiner McArthur


Mr. Bob Otto and
Mr Terence Symonds.

Greetings, From Around The World!
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Greg Aigner has helped to locate alumuni for Cast C 79 for the last two years. He is the Cast C 79 Era Representative. Greg is in Golden, Colorado and is recently a father for the 3rd time? I think that is right. Congratulations! If I am wrong send in your comments to correct the info.
Frank Allen was contacted on Aug 6, 2003 and is living in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife Kim, 14 year old son Travis and his 10 year old son Nathan. Both boys were born in June. Frank is CFP for the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.  He went to the 35th Anniversary of Up With People and he will check his schedule to see if Tucson 2004 will be possible.
Karen Fisher Ball was contacted on Aug. 6, 2003 and is living in Mount Freedom N.J. with her husband Kirk, 16 year old daughter and 10 year old son Derick. (Karen you'll have to email me again I forgot your daughter's name.) I spoke with Karen on Aug. 6th, 2003.  Karen is the founder of Sturge-Weber Corporation and her website can be found on the Links page of this website. Karen travels throughout the U.S. promoting her company so maybe she will drop by the Reunion in July 2004.
Mitch & Sissy Booth live in Kallispell, Montana and was contacted on Aug. 8th. They have 2 teenagers and their names are Petie 15 years and Carson 16 years. We need you guys to help us at the Reunion. Hope to see you there.
Diana D'Andrea Brault was contacted on Aug 6th and lives in California with her husband Greg and her three children Brian 19 years, Eric 17 years and Jason 14 years. Diana is planning to come to the reunion and maybe bringing Chris Staples Christie along with her. We hope you both can make it!
Carlos Calzadilla from Venezula was contacted on Aug 6th and  is now living in Knoxsville, TN with his wife Amy.  They have been married for 3 years. Carlos is the New Buisness Development Manager for his company. We hope to see you in Tucson, 2004.
Greg Castanza was contacted on Aug. 8, 2003 and lives with his wife Melinda and 4 year old son Carter in Glastonbury, CT.  They have been married for 10 years.  After UWP Greg pursued flying for a hobby and has been a pilot for over 18 years. We hope to see him and his family at Reunion 2004.
Chris Staples Christie sent us this email on Aug. 9, 2003. Her website can be found on the Links page of this site. Here is what she is up to. Hope to see you at the Reunion Chris!  
 "I am currently the Executive Director of McMan Community Services in Southeast Alberta.  We are a not-for-profit organization that does foster care, family support and youth work, as well as run a homeless shelter for youth.  We even built a skate park here in Medicine Hat!  I've been with McMan for 4 years.  Our website is:  Prior to that, I managed a service centre for the YMCA that provided alternate school programs, a youth employment centre and adult training courses for 9 years. I'm married to Andy (21 years the day you called).  Andy is the Director of Facilities with our public school system.  We have three kids:  Holly (18), Adam (16) and Tom (12).  Outside of work, I volunteer with kids' activities (the high school band being the one at the moment), try to get some regular exercise in, and the odd craft when time permits!  I'm also involved in Leadership Southeastern Alberta, which is an organization that identifies and trains emerging community leaders." -Chris Stapels Christie
Drew Cockrell was contacted on Aug. 6, 2003 and is living in Atlanta, Georgia. Drew is in Real Estate and works for Coldwell Banker.  He has been with his life partner, Carl, for 16 years.  After Up With People he was with the Flying Seminols for 5 years and has just celebrated a reunion with them. Hopefully we will see him at the Tucson Reunion. He is thinking about it! Looking forward to seeing you Drew.
Kim Hall Daniels  sent an email on July 25th. (I spoke to her on the phone for about 1 hour!) from Mayflower, Arkansas is now living with her husband and daughter in Little Rock, Arkansas. She plans to attend the 25th reunion next year in Tuscon, Arizona. Hope to see you soon Kim!
"I'm currently living in Little Rock, AR.  We moved here last September from Manly, New South Wales, Australia.  (Beach suburb of Sydney)  Living in Australia was a great adventure!  We moved over there in July of 2001.  My husband manages radio stations for Clear Channel Communications and accepted an international assignment that took us to Sydney.  He was promoted in the company and so we ended up back in Arkansas. Since both of our family's live here, it was a great move.  Prior to Australia, we lived in Springdale, Arkansas for 12 years. We have an 8 year old daughter who will be in the third grade this fall at Arkansas Baptist Elementary School here in Little Rock." -Kim Hall Daniels
Loren Deason from Saskatoon, Canada (didn't we have a song that Cathy McGurie Degraff sang about Saskatoon?) was contacted on Sept. 14, 2003. He is married to Guadalupe and has children. He is promoting his new album and if you go the Program page for this site you will find more information there. His email can be found on the contact information. I will be sending him the information about the reunion. Hope to see you there Loren if you can make it.
Jacques DeBrouwer ,from Belgium, (was the first to respond to this website) sent an email to us on 07/10/03. You can find his information on the Cast C Contact information page. Thank you Jacques for your information and update. Keep us posted! If you can't make the reunion you will have this website to see pictures of the reunion!
 "I hope to be able to make it to Tucson next summer even if it's not that easy for me for the moment. It would be great to share with my wife Sabine and my 2 kids Louise(9) and Madeleine (6) part of one of the great experience in my life." - Jacques De Brouwer
Scott Dickey wrote us on July 16 and lives in Mission Viejo, California. His wife's name is Linda and he has 2 children Marshall and Adam. Scott was our Music Director for our Cast and will be sending in more information later.
John Eldredge was contacted on Aug 6, 2003 and is living in Salinas, California.  He is married to Amy and on March 16th, 2003 he became a father for the first time. The baby's name is Jane. John still plays the guitar and recently won a guitar. You will have to email him to get the whole story. We hope to see you and your family in Tucson 2004.
B (Walter) & Jan (McCall) Failes are living in Stuarts Draft, Virginia. They met while travelling with Cast C 79. I spoke with Jan briefly on July 24th. B & her are doing fine and were excited about our website. They will be writing in and giving us their information but in the meantime they send greetings to all Cast C 79 members. Hope to see you both at the 25th reunion next year. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Bob Fox was contacted on Aug 6, and through his secretary we were able to find out first he is very busy. He owns Speed Stacks Inc. which is the leader in Speed Stacking. You can find his website on the links page of this site. Bob sent us an email on Aug. 7th to update information. He lives with his wife Jill and their 3 children, Emily 16, Brennan 13, Kit 11. Hope to see you in Tucson!
James Gould (Jaime) was contacted on Aug. 6th, 2003. He is living in Miami Florida with his wife Elizabeth and their 3 children Thor 17, Haak 15 and Julie (their princess) age 10.  The Goulds just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. Jaime is CEO of Sunglass Hut Corporation. His wife Elizabeth is from Olso, Norway and travelled in 1980 to 1981.  
Dale Hause was contacted on Aug 6, 2003. He is living in Helena, Montana with his wife Deanna and their two children Emily 3 and Josh 7. Dale receieved his BA in Religious Studies and Psychology.  He enjoys hiking with his family and has started a small wood carving buisness.  Hopefully we will get to meet Dale again in Tucson. In the meantime watch out for his Wood Carving Website which is coming soon.
Jeff Hinton was contacted on Aug 7, and is living in Colorado with his wife Suzanna and their three children Spencer 16, Andrew 14, and Anna 10.  Jeff is glad that the reunion is in Tucson so I think that is a hint that he will be there.  
Tanya Hollady was contacted on Aug 6th and lives in Tallahassee, Florida. Tanya is working in the Physical Therapy field for the past 16 years. Her ambition is to work with the poor in a third world country. Tanya will be attending the reunion next summer.
Mark Howard, from Phoenix, Arizona (originally Tucson) was contacted on 9/13/03.  Mark emailed the website on 9/15/03. It is great to hear from you Mark and I hope that we will see you in Tucson!
"I now reside back in Phoenix, AZ after living almost 15 years in Denver, 2 years in Phoenix and 2 years in New Jersey.  I currently own a graphic design/marketing/advertising firm, Lucky Dog - A Creative Group, with my brother Tom.  We've been at it for 3 years and keep hanging in there.  You can see what we do by visiting our web site at   After traveling I attained my teaching degree and taught for 11 years (most of that in Denver, Colorado).  From teaching I went to a personal and professional training company, CareerTrack, that did one-day seminars, audio and videotapes and worked as the Director of Product Development for almost 5 years.  Then came to Phoenix to create my own training company along with 4 other business partners.  In one short year, that company sold to a large distributor of Information Technology and Telecom hardware and software and I relocated to New Jersey upon the sale of that company.  After 2 years with that company, I returned to Phoenix where I now reside and work. I am now single after a 20 year relationship with my partner - quite the weird transition after not being single for 20 years, but doing well and building the next phase of my life. I hope I can  see you all in Tucson in 2004 - Thanks Ray for getting us back in touch." -Mark Howard
Beverly Greiner McArthur wrote in on July 21.  She is living in Ashville, NC with her husband and children. She hopes to make it to the reunion next year as she did on the 20th. Good to hear from you and hope to see you soon.
"You have done a great job on the website. The site has brought back such fine memories. I am living in Ashville, NC with my husband Jamie and my two kids Brandon (10) and Alex (9). I look forward to hearing more about other cast members." -Beverly Greiner McArthur
Myriam Johnson (Keyser), our Cast Director and from Belguim wrote in on July 16, 2003. She will be sending in pictures and her contact information soon.
"I went to the website and it looks like it will be a great place for Cast C to stay in touch.  Thanks for doing that!  It was fun seeing that Cast picture again, wow we all looked so young!  I live in Boulder, CO with my husband Scott and my 2 daughters Sarah (12) and Eva (10). Life is good here in the Rocky Mountains." -Myriam Johnson (Keyser)
Martine Langenberg wrote in on July 24th. Her family information can be found in the guest book of this page. It was nice to hear from you Martine. We hope to see you in Tucson, AZ next year ifor the 25th reunion.
"What a fantastic surprise to see our cast C having an own
link, web whatever!! Keep up the good work I appreciate it enormously and hope to find back a whole lot of lost friends this way.Thank you very much.
            Love from Martine (the netherlands)
Juan Liendo from Caracus, Venezula sent an email on 07/12/03. Juan you are in are prayers and please keep in touch! If you can't make it to Tucson we will update this site with photos and information about the reunion!
"After a long time, I am finaly  in touch with evry one! I will try to go to Tucson but as you all know the sitation here in venezuela is not to good. I been working in airlines since I came back to Venezuela and now airlines are in bad situation and I lost my job so you can imagine. I have a daugther seven years and her name is Teffany Carolina. I live with her mother for 8 years and now she has cancer, so those are the reasons why I said that it is a little dificult to go out. I will allways be with you in my heart " and always remmber every one of you
                      juan liendo
Ilana Zahdnan-Miller wrote in on July 17th. Thanks for writing in Ilana and we hope to see you at the reunion.
                          -Ilana Zajdman-Miller
Raul Munoz from Mexico, was contacted in June and recently wrote to update his information.
"I'm married to Sylvia for almost 18 years.  We live in Houston Texas since February of 1999 at Clear Lake City. We have two boys Raul Jr. 15 a football player at Clear Lake High School and Mauricio 12 a piano player. I'm an accountant working with Waste Management for the last 10 years at the Corporate Landfill Accounting Group - Financial Information.  I had been
transferred several times from Monterrey Mexico to Dallas Texas in 1997, then to Chicago in 1998, and finally here in Houston. Hope to see you at Tucson reunion." -Raul Munoz
Rory Pederzoli was contacted on Aug. 8th, and lives in Toronto, Canada. Rory works for Air Canada and has worked in the airline buisness for 18 years. He is trying to begin his own Non-Profit organization that will assist people as they need it. He was influential in raising money for the victims of 9/11. Air Canada flies  directly to Tucson so we will hopefully see him
Paige Sanderson was contacted on Aug. 10th and is living in Florence, South Carolina with her three sons Allen 21 years, Austin 19, and Aaron (I will have to check back with page on Aaron's age). She has taken over her mother's buisness of Merele Norman Cosmetics. Hopefully Paige will be able to make it to the Reunion. Come West Paige!
Kathy Krall Shroyer (Our Corn Palace Queen)was contacted on Aug. 9th and is living in Mitchell, South Dakota with her husband Greg, her daughter McKenzie 11 years, and her twin boys Austin & Chase who are 8 years old. She still talks highly of the "Corn Palace" and is proud of it! Talk to us about it at the Reunion next year! If you come to the reunion we promise to officially crown you after all these years!
John Skeehan, from Maine, wrote in on 7/15/03. He is a Catholic priest in the Boston Diocese.  His email is on the Cast C Contact page. Thanks for writing in John, keep in touch and Congratulations on your priesthood. (It's wierd to call a fellow castmate "Father".)
In his email, John writes, "I think fondly of the year with Cast C and the many wonderful things we had the chance to see and do."

Take care!

Jeff Shober emailed us on July 29th. He is living in Monroe, Washington with his wife Deb and their 2 kids (Rachel 12 and Sam 9).
"I'm a full time house dad/husband. I take care of my 2 kids (rachel, 12 and sam, 9) and do lots of jobs around our house. I let my wife do all the "heavy-lifting", she's a Family Practice MD and she loves her job and bringing home the bacon. I have not done this forever though. I worked for 7 years at Microsoft and 6 years at Boeing." -Jeff Shober 
Adriana Snader wrote an email to us on August 14, 2003. She is living with her husband in Mexico City, Mexico. She will be sending in more information in the next week. She is excited to come to Tucson area for the reunion. She writes

Hi Guys!!!!!
I'm amazed to discover we have our own cast C Web site!!!! Thank you Ray, and all the people involved in this project.
Now, let's have everybody take a few minutes of time and post a message here so we can start getting hyper for our 25 year reunion!!!! This is a great way for us to get in touch again and get involved. How about it Ray! Do you have any information for us yet?
-Adriana Snader

Ed Steinert lives in Chandler, AZ and wrote in on July 16. He is married with 2 children. He will be sending in his information soon.

Donna Hobs Towery is living in Mt. Vernon Kentucky! I spoke to her on the phone for about an hour on 7/25/03. She is married to Steve Towery and has 4 beautiful children. The oldest is 15 years and the youngest is (I think) 7 years old. At the moment her computer is down  but when she gets it up and running she will post a comment. Donna Good luck and hope to see you in person sometime.
Ray Villegas is living in Tempe, Arizona. Ray has just earned his B.A. in English Linguistics from ASU.  He is the webmaster for this site.
"I will be teaching two classes this fall at ASU and taking two classes for graduate school. I never married but I have lots of neices and nephews. I hope to see all of you again soon." -Ray Villegas
Cindy Watson, Tucson, Arizona was contacted on Sept. 5th. I saw Cindy at the Reunion Kick-Off and she is doing well. Cindy works for the University of Arizona and will send us some more information about her life. Hope to hear from you soon Cindy. It was great to see you the other night! Looking forward to visiting with you more in Tucson!
Amy Ward White was contacted on Aug. 12 and she wrote an email in soon after that to update us on here life. We hope you can make it to the reunion Amy!
"I am married to Keith White.  We live in Tulsa, OK. We have been married for 12 years but were together for five years prior to marriage so I will say 17 years. We raised Keith's daughter, Darian, who is now 21 years old.  We have one grandchild, DJ, who is the cutest!! Darian and DJ are currently living with us and Darian will begin college next week. I work for the Oklahoma Department of Human Services and have been employed by OKDHS for almost 18 years now.  I am a Programs Manager for the Permanency Planning/Independent Living programs for the Children and Family Services Division.  I obtained my undergraduate degree from the University of Montana and my Master of Social Work for the University of Oklahoma. Keith works with juvenile delinquents so we have lots of stories to share.  My parents and brothers all reside in Oklahoma so my family is close.  I have nieces and a nephew that are very special.  I have been blessed in my life. My experiences in UWP gave me so much and I have continued to build on these experiences since."-Amy Ward White