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In Loving Memory...
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This page is dedicated to those castmembers who are no longer with us. Please send us your thoughts so that we may remember them in many ways.

St. Johns wort w/ Queen Annes lace

"...There's going to be, another day! And it's not, so far away! There's going to be another spring, there always be another song to sing. We're going to see, there's going to be, another day."
                                   -From People are the Energy Album,'79
                                               "There's Going To Be Another Day."

Flying Geese

Our thoughts and our prayers are with you and your families. We will never forget you. Love Cast C 79.
Amos, Lynn 79C, 79E, 80A, 80C, 80D, 81B, 81E
Jackson, Steve 79C
Johannson, Marie 79C
Kallan, Marie 79C

Cast C '79 would also like to remember all those who perished on 9/11/2001.



Alumnus Jeff Peterson has put together a list of castmates from the 1960's to the present who are no longer with us.